Elizabeth Camp 

Reiki III Practitioner
Intuitive Energy Artist
Henna Artist


About classes: “I have been waiting for over 9 years to find someone like Elizabeth Camp and finally the Universe paired us together for a life changing reiki class. My life/spiritual life will never be the same. She is open to the Universal ebb and flow of the spiritual world. The class is sound in the spiritual structure leaving space for synchronicity. This is not your typical run of the mill reiki class. If you are looking for a class to raise your vibrational frequency and line you up with your spiritual purpose and path she is the Woman to do it. Sign up today and let the healing begin!!!”  About a personal session: ” Elizabeth Camp was spot on, intense and beautiful with her reading that I received. How awesome it was to connect with her on such a spiritual level and be able to feel the peace, joy and comfort that came after the healing. Elizabeth Camp, thank you for being you! You have inspired me to find my path and stick to it. Blessings and peace”
-Kyera Reams
Osage, Iowa

“I’ve tried a lot of different ways to heal a very deep unconscious wound. Therapy, meditation and yoga are some of things I have tried. I always came back to this pain in my body. I was stuck. I started doing long distance reiki sessions with Elizabeth Camp, and that really started to accelerate my healing. Thanks again, Elizabeth! If you feel stuck, hurt, lost, or just need a boost, please consider this wonderful, talented healer!”
-Robert Grose

“I am writing this testimonial as a personal review to my experience with Elizabeth, my reiki guide. Liz has been performing reiki with me for over a year, and I recently became a twice a monthly client. Her psychic readings have always been spot on, and she and her guides have been helping me through a very difficult time. Every session has taught me something new, and gently nudged (or shoved) me to the growth I needed. Liz has mad skills in energy work, and has helped open me to the spirit world. I highly recommend giving reiki a try, even if you haven’t yet embraced the idea of energy work. There are many paths to finding peace, love and acceptance. Elizabeth is an amazing conduit for finding your path. Liz, thank you for being you!”
-Amy Sutton
Long Beach, California

“I wanted to take a few days to bask in my healing… : )
I had lovely Elizabeth do an intuitive drawing for me and it was perfect… : )
Our conversation was illuminating, and I always hang up after feelinhg so confident in myself, warm and just alive! She has a way of bringing awareness to you. Things buried deep inside rise to the surface, and you see who you are. She is very talented and gifted and she knows how to read people in a way that complements your own gifts to increase the energy flow. I’ve had other healers talk to me like I’m an idiot, or like I’m some mundane person, but she seems to make it a priority to see you where you are on your path and to offer the best advice for you. Never ever blanket statements that could be for anyone. I’m honored to be connected with such a motivating and inspiring goddess!”
-Rachel Smith

“I want to give testimony for the amazing Elizabeth Camp. This woman’s clarity of vision has uncovered truths long forgotten within myself, and brought to light patterns within me that could use work, love and attention. From a great distance she was able to remove pain and blockages from my body. Her long distance reiki was effective and relaxing, grounding and centering me despite the fact that my toddler was screaming through part of it. LOL! She was able to identify energies within my daughter that needed attention and care and conveyed it through her energy drawings which I absolutely LOVE! I deeply appreciate this woman for her kindness, compassion, clarity, intuition, love, light and radiant beauty. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Liz.”
-Jewels Ahl
Grass Valley, California

“Elizabeth’s intuitive reiki and other modalities are merely and simply phenomenal. She has gifts. She has the sight. Not only are the sessions informative, but they are fascinating and enlivening and fun and very relaxing. They are rich and potent with useful information that can be applied. I whole-heartedly support your practice, Elizabeth, and hope that many who see these words will contact you for a session in person or by phone. Lovely Elizabeth Camp is AMAZING! She has a real gift and is a beautiful, strong, feminine spirit. Her intuitive reiki sessions are not only informative- but she also communicates with your self at the level that communicates images to her, and she offers beautiful and gentle solutions at each chakra. I’ve never experienced anything like it. Do yourself a favor – and book a session with her.”
-Laura Henn
Indianapolis, IN

“Just had an awesome skype chat with Elizabeth Camp from Zenwithin.net. She gave me an incredible energy reading/drawing of what her mind projected while meditating with me in mind. Everything she said made complete sense to me, and some of the details and specific words she conjured were mind boggling. Check out the site and contact her if you’re interested in any energy work. She is out of Indiana, but that doesn’t mean she can’t help you (wherever you may be) to solidify some things about yourself you weren’t sure you knew. I realize that I need to let my heart guide me, set my ego aside, and have more faith in my true self. She is mailing my drawing and the write up, I highly recommend her services.”
-Hayleigh Burnham
Sandy Hook, Connecticut

“If you are even a little interested, have an energy drawing done. It’s so amazing! Elizabeth Camp is so refreshing and loving and full of light. You can’t help but want to go back.”
-Nicole Heaton
Indianapolis, Indiana

“I had the most beautiful experience with Elizabeth. If you are considering a session with her for any reason, I strongly encourage you to take the plunge. Myself, I was skeptical and hesitant, as I’ve never taken part in anything of the kind. But I kept feeling something pulling me, telling me to just do it. When the universe speaks, I need to listen, because this was one of the best experiences I have had in a long time. Our reiki session was so healing I could not hold back the tears. The things that were shared she could not have known they were very personal yet so full of truth. I truly feel that magic happened between us, as if our spirits connected. All of this beauty sealed with the blessing of a majestic orange butterfly, who appeared and circled around us at the end of our session. I have been left in awe for days. I love you, Liz! Thank you again for everything.”
-Traci Parker
Warsaw, Indiana

“Cleansing. That’s the best word I can find to describe my reiki experience with Elizabeth. Thanks to good friends, I learned about this process and was connected with Elizabeth. My experience was lovely. It was like spending time with your best friend just being honest and real. Elizabeth helped me establish what we should work on, and together we accomplished things. Almost a week later I still feel the powerful work we did inside me, guiding me to new paths. I believe Elizabeth is a gift from another place, and I am so grateful for the healing and the time that we shared. I hope that if you are curious, you go ahead and walk forward; there is nothing to fear, only serenity and peace.”
-Sara Alvey
Indianapolis, Indiana

“I just had an amazing intuitive reiki session and energy drawing with Elizabeth. It is truly refreshing to be able to understand yourself from within: heal, and move forward in growth. Before I even left I could feel the layers that were shed during the session. Liz is an extremely talented healer and I am thankful to have these opportunities to spend time with her. If you have ever considered a reiki session, but never done it, I highly encourage you to schedule one soon. You will thank yourself later.”
-Zach Dudek
Indianapolis, Indiana

“A special thank you to Elizabeth for always being there for me when I need some energetic help. You have helped me so much. You have helped me understand myself better and really come out of my shell. You have helped me increase my confidence, my courage, and my appreciation for myself, my past and future. You are an angel.”

-Callie Mitchell

Fort Collins, Colorado

“I had an incredible healing today with my friend, Lovely Elizabeth Camp of Zenwithin.net! She is a gifted healer, her technique opened up my communication and self love. Highly recommend by Healing Sounds.

-Mario Sobrino Castrejon

“There are no words to express my gratitude for what my reiki session has done for me. I had my first session the Friday before last. Didn’t quite know what I was getting myself into, but I was open for any help. It was life changing non the less. For as long as I can remember I’ve been plagued with negative destruction and thoughts, my heart constantly ached, a lot of suppressed trauma, worthless and unlovable feelings, the list goes on and on. Since the session I feel more at peace then I ever have felt. I never knew feeling love felt like this. There’s no dull ache in my chest. I am truly happy. Not that there isn’t any problems, but how I’m feeling internally is helping being able to deal with everyday life problems without them seeming like mountains to climb. Long story short this woman is truly amazing and gifted and one to seek for spiritual help!! Thank you for what you do for so many others!

-Jerry Lehman


“A couple of weeks ago I was blessed with the opportunity to talk with Elizabeth Camp and receive an intuitive drawing and clearing. I have tried for week to find the right words to express how life changing and powerful our session was. Elizabeth not only has charm and poise but an undeniable connection to her work and the people that she helps. I discovered a lot about myself and many things were reinforced in me during our session. I am still blown away by how connected to me and my spirit she was during this session as well as how much healing has surfaced since. If you are looking to clear negative energy and receive guidance Elizabeth is definitely who you need to speak with.

-Audra Jo Parker


” Working with Elizabeth has certainly been a blessing. I entered into a long distance reiki healing and theta chakra cleanse, having never experienced this type of energy work before. I was uncertain of what to expect and my ego was fairly skeptical. Thankfully, my worries went away during our prehealing phone conversation, where Elizabeth gave me the details of her intentions and encouraged me to relax into a comfortable position. After we hung up, I focused my attention to my breath and willed my mind to become still. I slowly begun to feel a vibrating buzz in each of my chakras as she begun to clear out stagnant energy that I had been subconsciously holding onto. After an hour passed, I called Elizabeth to listen to the messages Spirit had directed her to give to me, and what we discussed touched the essence of my being. This beautiful act of releasing has helped me to make my biggest break throughs yet! I am so grateful for the synchronistic events that lead me to working with this amazingly radiant soul. I highly encourage all who see this to treat yourself to this revolutionary experience that allows a bigger sense of self love. Many blessings and eternal love.”

-Andi Davenport

Omaha, Nebraska