Elizabeth Camp 

Reiki III Practitioner
Intuitive Energy Artist
Henna Artist

Psychic Energy Healing



I utilize Reiki as one form of energy healing. I am an expansive visionary and perceive the energy field in a variety of ways. I receive visions and messages for you from your higher consciousness, Ascended Masters,  Angels, The Dark Goddess, spirit guides or whomever wishes to communicate. My sessions include this intuitive work. My intention is to help you expand your conscious awareness and align with your highest good.



I am a safe, confidential, and loving being. We all have our own paths to walk. I’m here to help you remove the filters and blocks that hold you back so that you may see with clarity your true self, and align with your highest good and purpose. I create a space of security, guidance and nurturing love. You will experience all emotions that are required for you and I honor this process.



I utilize a healing meditation known as Theta. In this meditation I am a channel for spirit to remove deep seated emotional, spiritual and physical blocks and faulty subconscious beliefs. This is a very powerful form of healing and I highly recommend this method for anyone wanting a dramatic shift in their lives. This includes DNA healing, reprogramming the subconscious mind and healing of deep trauma. My clients often experience an instant shift.