Elizabeth Camp 

Reiki III Practitioner
Intuitive Energy Artist
Henna Artist

Home Clearing

Our homes and other spaces hold energy just like we hold energy in our bodies. If you have never cleared your space of stored energy there is likely to be a build up of emotions lingering from the past. If your home holds a flowing light energy it can feel absolutely wonderful, and that is what I achieve in my work. If spaces have been occupied by misery, fighting, illness or any major events such as death or violence then it may be storing some heavy negative energy. Often these spaces attract spirits from the other side. If you ever feel like something is watching you, heard strange noises, smells or you experience a fluctuation in temperature or get the chills: you may have a spirit in your home. Often it is just a feeling you get and you just know. Children are extremely receptive and may have told you they saw something. I do this work long distance or in person.