Elizabeth Camp 

Reiki III Practitioner
Intuitive Energy Artist
Henna Artist

Indianapolis Spiritual Healing

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Healing Energy, Expanding Consciousness

Zen Within means to begin inside. Peacefullness, Love and Joy lay within yourself. Blessings, I am Elizabeth. I offer a range of services intended to help you align your mind, body and spirit to achieve balance. I am an energy healer, spiritual teacher, holistic coach and expansive visionary. I have been working with loving intentions and great care with long distance and in-person clients in the Indianapolis area for many years.


Spiritual Healing

Intuitive Energy Art

Intuitive energy drawings are a powerful tool to gain insight to our purpose in life and to receive advice from beyond the veil. In creating these drawings I communicate with your higher self and spirit guides to gain information that will help you navigate the waters of your life and aid in guiding you towards your highest good.


Home Energy Clearing

Our homes and space store energy. I have cleared homes of negative energy, energy impressions, and entities. This service can be done long distance or in person.


I am also a henna artist and offer individual or group services for events and parties. Book myself and Madame “T”, who reads tarot, for Art and Insight. Henna and tarot make for an interesting and fun addition to parties or as the main event themselves. Book us today!